Monday, August 16, 2010

August 16

Hello all,

I'll keep this brief. I don't want to be sending out a book everytime I send an update but this was significant enough to pass along so the family is aware.

Yesterday, at approx 3:15, Lindsey had a seizure. It was a full body seizure where her body tensed and the muscles contracted caused shaking, her eyes rolled back, vomiting, and release of body fluids. Josh had been at work and only arrived home moments before. He made the decision to get her to IMED where all the physicians they are scheduled to see this week are. They arrived moments after we did and as we were helping get her out of the vehicle onto a gurney, she seized again. The ER crew at IMED was amazing and rushed her right back and began medications and an IV. After approx 20 min she seized again. As you can imagine we were all incredibly emotional watching Lindsey suffering this way. IMED actually had a neurologist on staff (none of the others have) Dr. Fantle was incredible and has been the first one trying to piece together this puzzle. They performed another spinal tap. As I mentioned last week, normal pressure is approx 6 - 9 and last Monday the pressure was at 26 and was relieved by the removal of 20cc of spinal fluid. Yesterday her pressure was up to 45. He removed approx 18cc of fluid and Lindsey felt immediate relief. You may assume that the tumors they have discovered would be causing the pressure but it's not that simple. They ruled out infection but can't find the source of the increase of fluid. They were also administering anti seizure medication which helped her to rest. The decision was made to admit her to the Neuro ICU, where she is now. We left her at 11:00 pm last night with her sleeping comfortably and whispering to Josh that she loved him. Hopefully today, we will begin to get the answers which are long overdue.

If you are praying, keep it up. I know the prayers are being heard even if we don't fully understand what is happening. When Lindsey had the 3rd seizure Josh said he felt presences all around them in the ER room. He had the impression that Lindsey had a choice, she could go or she could stay and fight. We know Lindsey doesn't back down from a good and worthy fight. So here we are.

I'll send more info as I receive it.
With love,