Tuesday, August 17, 2010

August 16

Here is another update on Lindsey, just received minutes ago from Julie:

Julie has asked that we send this to you.

Lindsey had seizures throughout the night last night. This morning they shaved at the front of her head the size of an invitation envelope size and put in a drain by drilling into her skull. In the interim it appears she has had a stroke affecting the side of her face and she is not able to legibly communicate but can hear and understand what is being said. They are not sure because of the pressure on the brain if this has caused permanent damage.

In the morning of the 17th they will put in a permanent shunt into the brain--not sure of its location.

They are not sure what is causing all of the fluid build up. Julie made the comment, for the number of tumors and what is going, this started a long time ago.

Lindsey and Josh communicated to Julie to send their love and appreciation for everyones concern and the prayers that are being offered in their behalf.

Please keep them in your prayers continually.


Wilma & Parley