Monday, December 20, 2010

November Update

Hello All and Happy Holidays!
It's been a while since the last update and we know that means that things are going well for the time being.  In fact, Lindsey and Josh moved home the day after Thanksgiving.  She was feeling strong enough to handle being back home and the neighbors and ward are stepping up and taking each day to check on her while Josh is at work.  She sleeps into late morning and Josh is trying to finish work by 4 so I think it's a good move for them.  It's time to reconnect with life before the illness and she said it felt so good to be home.  She has been making trips to shop and get some dinner and we are all so happy to see her in a good place right now.  Josh and Lindsey went to Walmart last week and she was laughing at the experience of driving around the power cart.  I had to do that when I was in a cast last year and trust me, they don't go fast.  The person you are with can walk faster than those carts go but even with that Lindsey ran into a toy display!!  She had the biggest smile on her face telling us all about it!  She had to have her hair cut.  The radiation has left 2 areas on the back of her head bald from the base to the crown.  When you combine that with the spot from the brain surgery and the spot from the previous tumors it's quite a do!  But you know Lindsey!  And she can smile at the uniqueness of the entire situation.  Her sister made her some awesome knit caps which she constantly wears.  Josh made the mistake of suggesting a wig (way to go son) Lindsey said it says 'cancer' all over it so there wasn't anyway she was wearing one.  Her feistiness definitely has helped her thru this season of trials.  We love her so much.
I want to send a heartfelt thankyou to those of you who have already made donations.  It has been touching and brought us all to tears with your generosity.  Josh was presented with a $49,000 bill last week and he was so upset and out of sorts and then he received a donation from a person who absolutely reminded me of the story of the woman giving her last mite.  She doesnt have it to give but gave anyway and it made all the difference to the kids.  I know those of you who have given have dug deep and thank you again, from us all. 
If you are looking for a way to help someone this Christmas, here are a couple of suggestions.  One, to head to the blog or FB page. or "For Lindsey" on FB.  You can read her story on the blog and make online donations there.  Also, it's been suggested that "Angel Trees" be set up at different locations.  You can attach envelopes with the online information for making donations inside and include a brief of her story.  Ask your Ward or religious congreations if that is a possibility or a more general domain such  a convenience store.  Please don't include any addresses or phone #'s, just the online information.  I know we can continue to give the kids some relief from the ever present medical bills.
The next step:
Lindsey meets with the radioligist on Tuesday, Nov 30th to evaluate her current condition.  From there they will setting up the appointment to do the next MRI to determine how the tumors have been affected by the radiation treatments.  Please remember to keep the kids in your prayers.  We see the miracles of those blessings every day. 
Thanks everyone!  We love you all.
Remember the reason for the season.