Thursday, March 10, 2011

Do You Believe in Miracles?

Hello Everyone!
I must say that February 2011 was a rollercoaster ride for sure.  A close friend once told me that I enjoyed the rollercoaster of life.  That I would be unsettled if it were anything else.  The truth is that I wouldn't mind the kiddie rides for a while.  February was filled with such emotional extremes that I don't know how we all kept it together but it was a month I will personally never forget, nor will many of you.
Just to recap, Feb 13th, Lindsey was admitted back to Neuro ICU with yet another seizure after a long period of treatment and recovery.  She was gaining weight, happy (of course), getting back to teaching, etc.  Josh and Lindsey were on their first outing since the discovery of the tumors up her spine last year.  Feb 14th.  We were given the shocking and devastating news that the tumors had spread throughout her brain and medically there was nothing more to be done.  We were all sent home to face a bleak future.  But in the midst of heartache came great love and support.  An outpouring so great that we could not have anticipated the enormity of it.  In fact, it was posted that we had over 1400 hits to Lindsey's blog on one day!  Incredible.  So many emails, texts, phone calls, FB messages that it was almost overwhelming to try to keep up with everything.  However, keep up we did and even springboarded into getting the "Celebration of Life" planned and executed by Feb 28th.  We had nearly 700 people come and we received enough donations to ease the anxiety a bit.  It was an evening I always hold close to my heart.  Emotionally, it was wonderful.  The amount of people we had participate showed the support for Lindsey and Josh and it turned out to actually be a turning point in this journey.
What came next:  Mar 2nd, Lindsey and Josh flew to Minnesota to the Mayo Clinic.  I need to clarify something at this point.  Master Lin, whom Lindsey is working with works hand in hand with the physicians at the Mayo Clinic but is actually not based at the clinic itself.  Lindsey wanted me to make sure I got that right.  We must remember that the medical community has done all they know how to do.  The next step was to check out alternative healing processes and that is exactly what happened.  Master Lin is a Qigong master who does ancient chinese healing.  I encourage you to take a few minutes and watch the links which are posted on the blog along with Josh's personal note to you all.  At first, I'll admit, I wasn't sure what to think but I felt such a spirit of confirmation after watching the links and speaking with Josh that they are on the right track.  Lindsey has feelings and sensations in her legs she hasn't had since last year when the tumors became agressive up her spine.  She is more alert and lucid in her thoughts.  Josh said she looks better.  Most impressively, the hospice nurse told them there is no reason for her to be on hospice.  They have taken her off and reduced her medications dramatically.  I want you to understand that medically this should not be happening yet here it is happening before our very eyes.  Medically, she should have been on a downward spiral not climbing back to the summit, which is what she is doing.  Do you believe in miracles?  I ask myself this question many times each day.  I want so much to believe and hope but I've been cautious.  I have changed my mind however, and embracing this turn of events with all my soul.  And that is what Lindsey needs us all to do.  Do we understand the power of prayer, fasting, postive energy, light, all the good thoughts and expressions of love that have been sent her way?  I don't think we do, or at least I didn't.  I know they have had an impact.  I know the healing that is taking place is doing great things.  I hope to be able to write you that Lindsey is 100% cured against all odds and I believe and hope that I will be able to do that. 
Lindsey and Josh have extended their time in Minnesota until the 21st.  What I'm asking for each one of you is to remain postive, keep hope alive and if you communicate with Lindsey keep it full of light.  All the sorrow can go somewhere else!  We've experienced enough to last a lifetime.  She needs us now more than ever so that the summit can be attained and the flag of victory planted firmly there.  We are her team of supporters.  Let's continue in those efforts. 
Please don't forget that 5:55 am/pm has been designated as Lindseys moment.  Please pause at that time to offer prayer or positive energy to be sent for her.  A sweet friend of mine told me that she feels such peace during that moment and Lindsey has told me she can actually feel the energy coming her way. 
You are all amazing.  We are fighting the good fight and it's one we want to win.  Don't forget to share the blog with everyone you know. and urge them to donate.  Also, remember to check out Deals that Matter on FB and choose "Living Through Laughter" as your cause.  I know there is a committe planning a "Run for Lindsey" and details with be forthcoming.
Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for the outpouring of love we've experienced.
With love and warmth,

Email from Josh:
These are some of the links on you tube about testimonials from people with cancer who were healed by qigong from the clinic we are at. I thought you would be interested in watching these and sharing. Lindsey looks amazing since she has been here, and when she comes out of the sessions she is beaming and smiling, at peace and full of hope and light. I know that it is hard to not be here to see how things are going, so I wanted to tell you that she is walking better, she has more energy, she in more grounded and lucid in thought. and it has only been a few days. keep sending that positive energy and encourage family to not only to be positive, but to actually believe that Lindsey is getting better. We believe in miracles to the amount that we are going to see them manifest! I hope this helps you get a sense of what is going on out here.
                                                                                                                                                    - Josh    newscast     stage 4 cancer patient healed testimonial that has not been to the clinic but has teleconferenced    stage 4 cancer patient testimonial about current results       chunyi lin in on tv news segment who is the person who lindsey is working with