Monday, April 18, 2011


Hi All!
Lindsey is still doing great.  I can't tell you how wonderful it is to hear her voice, have her laugh, order Josh around (haha) and be gaining weight.  All of her tenacity definitely works in her favor.  We know the kids are being blessed every day and the moment you take at 5:55 I really believe makes a difference.  Keep up the good energy!
So....we have alot of dedicated people wanted to help make a difference in easing the burden that we know Josh and Lindsey face everyday.  Even in the face of the disease there are bills to pay.  It seems cruel that you can't just concentrate on surviving and gaining ground but also have to deal with the costs of such a journey along with regular bills that keep coming in.  You all know that Josh has been on leave from his work since February 15 and the efforts going into these events will be greatly appreciated.
I believe, for the most part, you are all aware of the "Run For Lindsey" which is planned for May 14th.  There has been a very dedicated team of individuals working to make this event successful.  We have donations towards the event open up from no where and we are very grateful.  Make sure you go to the website and check it out, register, buy a T-shirt or make a donation.  It doesn't matter if you can run, if you want to participate there is a way for you to do it!
Also, I mentioned there will be a day of beauty.  I'm changing it to a "Day of Pampering" Who can't use that?!!!  If you are otherwise engaged for the run, then this event is scheduled for May 16th, a Monday at the Ella Bloom Salon in Lindon.  100% of the proceeds of all the services offered given that day to people who mention Lindsey will go to Lindsey.  It's a wonderful way to also participate and get a little something in return.  If you have a regular stylist then get a deep condition or a brow wax.  I think I'll drag Mark in there for the nose wax, though he doesn't know it yet!  lol.  Manicures, pedicures for spring!!  Come on people!!!  Below are the services and their prices.  My niece Tiffany has put this all together and they are also trying to get the word out.
I want to mention that if any of you who have employers who are willing to put up information regarding either of these events or would like to be a sponsor for the run, please let us know.  You never know if someone will be willing to help until you ask.  I'm asking you, please do the same.
We love you all.  We are eternally grateful for all the love and support which comes our way.  You will never know the impact the kindness that has been shown has had.  It makes the difference between a day full of trepidation and distress into a day with light and joy.  The world is in need and this is one small way to make a change. 
With love always,
Monday May 16th jfrom 10-7 and it will be by appointment preferred but walk in's are welcome,
The number to the salon is 801-785-6777
It is called Ella Bloom, the address is 146 S. State Street Lindon, UT 84042
The services that we will be doing are:
Womens cuts $25
Mens Cuts $15
Kids Cuts (under 10) $10
Style $15.00
Deep Conditioners $20.00
Brow wax $15
Lip wax $10
Nose wax $10
Manicure $20
Mini Pedicure $15
Brow/Lash tint $15