Thursday, April 28, 2011


Hello Everyone,
I can't believe it has been a few weeks since I sent out an actual update!  Businesses, committees, and individuals have been busy organizing upcoming events on behalf of Lindsey and I've been trying to keep all of you updated so you don't miss an opportunity to participate and to help the kids.  However, I want this email to be just about Lindsey and how she is doing.
It's been 10 weeks since that day in the Neuro ICU at IMED when they told us there was nothing more they could do.  I'm sure if the medical community could see Lindsey today they would be astounded at how well she really is doing.  They expected her to only be with us a few days to a couple of weeks and Lindsey is not just holding her own but actually improving!  Call it what you will, but in my book that constitutes a miracle.  In the last couple of weeks especially we seen more clarity of thought, which is better than the somewhat 'cloudy' place she had been.  Lindsey is a brilliant girl as many of you know and it was very frustrating to her to not be able to keep her line of thought for very long.  She keeps a notebook with her at all times and writes down everything she has just done so that nothing is forgotten and then writes down everything she needs to do.  She has a fairly strict schedule for herself to keep throughout the day which includes "Green Drink" 3 times a day. (yummy)  haha.  Healing sessions in Chi Quong, eating entirely vegan (which with summer approaching I'm thinking is a better idea all the time :) and eating on time amongst other things.  To me, that in itelf, is remarkable.  Honestly, I think of myself in this situation and I'm not sure how motivated I would be to do much of anything but here is our girl making lists and accomplishing big tasks for herself!  Amazing!!
This week Josh had to return to work.  You may remember that he has been on leave and been taking care of Lindsey 24/7 since Feb 14th, he could stay on leave but would lose the insurance benefit after 12 weeks so he had to go back.  The good news is that Lindsey is doing well enough that he felt ok about this decision.  They are still living at her parents house in Highland and a friend of hers has recently returned from a mission and they've hired her to care for Lindsey until Josh can get back home in the late afternoon.  It seems to be going really well and Lindsey is feeling comfortable with the arrangement, which makes us all happy. 
An observation I have made is in Lindseys eyes.  She has some of the most beautiful eyes a girl could have as you can see from her pictures.  I've noticed that the stress of the disease seems to be reflecting in her eyes.  There have been days when I look at Lindsey and even though her sense of humor and smile never fade you can see the toll the tumors have taken, however, last week as I looked at her it was as though all the stress had left and there were those beautiful eyes free from the terrible struggle of the last year.  It was a revelation to me that all that she is doing is working! 
In February, when we were at the hospital they told us that she should now eat and do whatever she wanted since they held no hope for her.  I have no doubt that if we had listened to them then that she would be in a far worse state than she is right now.  I'm grateful every day for her determination and willpower.  She wakes each morning and the battle begins and she doesn't waver but heads straight into battle with a blazing smile! 
Don't forget to check for the upcoming events scheduled.  Run For Lindsey - May 14th
Day of Beauty - May 16th
Deals That Matter - New deals daily - currently 100% of the proceeds are going to Lindsey.
 If you can't attend either event consider making a donation on the Pay Pal link on the blog AND PLEASE make sure you are sharing the blog or webpages with your friends.  If everyone even made a $5 or $10 donation it would add up to substantial amount!
Also, there is now a website that has more comprehensive information that is being promoted to businesses to solicit donations on Lindsey's behalf.  If you work for a company or know of a company that would be willing to do so please forward them this link.
Thanks everyone and KEEP SMILING!