Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Lindsey!!

Hello Everyone!!

Today our sweet Lindsey turns 25!! It is a sign of good luck that she is turning 25 on the 25th! We know this will be her best birthday yet and we encourage each of you to drop her a note via the blog or on Facebook on the For Lindsey page, her FB page, Lindsey Kae Robinson Karr!

As an update, Lindsey is doing amazingly well. They have reduced her steroids again and the swelling is gradually coming down. You can imagine that has been fairly uncomfortable for her. We could see it in her face and tummy but it was seriously affecting her elbows and knees. With the reduction of the steroid she is doing much better. Josh and Lindsey came made it over for dinner on Sunday and honestly, watching her, it was just like always. She was happy, laughing, eating, and really enjoying the day. She didn't get tired (really good) and I could see our healthy happy Lindsey shining through. It was another encouraging moment.

As an added note, if you will check out there is now a $2 donation button. It seems when I stated that if we could get each person who visited the site to simply donate $2 what a difference that would make. I think sometimes we think that if we can't do alot then it's better to do nothing. This isn't the case. All the smallest of donations add up. Really, that's just a little more than a soda! Also, there is a contest to guess the actual amount which was raised at the run. The winner will received a signed print of "The Power of Hope"! I know I mentioned earlier a general amount which the run raised but it changed so hop on and enter the contest!!

Love you all,