Sunday, October 10, 2010

Oct 10

Hi all,

A week ago last Friday, (Oct 1st) Lindsey went to her radiation appointment in SLC, which always takes place at 8:30am. She had completed 17 of her 25 treatments and has been counting down the remaining 8. They did a blood test to check her white and red blood cell count and unfortunately, her white count was dangerously low. They sent her home with the understanding they would retest on Monday and hopefully, the count would recover on its' own. Remember, this was after 5 consecutive treatments so it was a strong possibility it would. On Monday, however, her count had not improved. We should all have a white blood count of around 5. Lindsey's was at 1.7.
A decreased WBC count is called leukopenia. It can result from many different situations, such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or diseases of the immune system. Counts that continue to rise or fall to abnormal levels indicate that the condition is getting worse. Counts that return to normal indicate improvement.
They ceased treatments for this entire week and tomorrow will retest her count. We are praying her levels will increase which will tell us the radiation is working. Please keep her in your prayers. I had several people tell me they were fasting in her behalf today. Many who don't know her and involved their entire families. It's such a testament to me of how blessed we are with people who care.

Since having the brain surgery to implant the shunt and with the couplation of the tumors up her spine, if Lindsey sits up for any length of time she gets severe headaches. This means she has been prone for most of the last couple of months and stays in her bed except to go to radiation. On a happier note, yesterday, for the first time since this ordeal began, (with the exception of her speech for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation) she wanted to get out of the house and go for a drive with Josh. She was able to sit in the wheelchair and go to Costco (of all places - but Mark was thrilled they stopped to say hello. Needless to say he was very surprised). It doesn't take much to exhaust her so it didn't last too long but it was a very, very good day for Lindsey to have.

Thanks everyone for your continued love, prayers, and support. We love you all.

Photo taken April 2007