Sunday, May 22, 2011


Hello Everyone, I'm exhausted!!

How's that for starting out the update? Actually, it says that things are going really well and there has been alot going on and I'm sorry for keeping you waiting on an update, especially for those who live out of state and have been waiting to see how things have gone.

5K Run, Silent Auction and Bake Sale

The event was held this last Saturday at the beautiful Inlet Park in Saratoga Springs. The weather was perfect and the committee was there setting up early. Many people that couldn't participate in the walk volunteered to help that morning and things got underway very smoothly. 400 shirts had been purchased for the event with approx 260 being pre-ordered. The air was full of positive energy and as the time came to begin the parking lot began to fill, the parking lot next to us and all along the street were full of cars. The Ambulance, Fire Truck and even animal control (for those runners who got a little out of hand :) ) showed up with the Saratoga Springs Fire Dept to support the event. Family and friends were gathered around registering, buying shirts, checking out the Silent Auction items and buying goodies. Lindsey was able to make it and there were cheers in the air when she arrived! This was for her and she was there to lend her love for the outpouring she was receiving. Mascots from local restaurants were there chasing the kids and taking pictures. It really was awesome. The runners lined up and the sirens started the Run. Josh was one of the last ones to leave and he ran the entire way for Lindsey even though he hadn't trained at all! During the run, an anonymous donor placed a bid on Josh's painting of "The Power of Hope" for $1000! Grandma Butler was pretty sad as she was hoping to walk away with her bid but we were all ecstatic with the generous offer. It really set the tone for the rest of the auction and bake sale. Nearly all of the shirts were sold and every item in the auction found a home. The generous donations for the bake sale (Josh's cousin Stephanie, made 150 cinnamon rolls) just as an example and nearly all the items were purchased by the end of the event. Lindsey was able to stay for the entire thing and we had professional photographers taking pictures and Josh and Lindsey were able to express their love and gratitude. Deals That Matter presented their first check to the kids of nearly $900! It just kept getting better. What a wonderful, wonderful day! We will never be able to thank the committee enough for the hours of work that went into organizing and pulling off this event. It really came off without a hitch and the last word was with the Run, Bake Sale and Auction were able to raise nearly $10,000. I would like to thank the committe personally - Elise Parker, Kim Stanford, Jenna Meyers, Whitney Williams, Kirsten Meyers - Committee
MarKey Mayne, Katie Springer, Jana Bishop, Lindsey Hortin, Anna Bergstrom - Auction/Bake Sale, Ericka & Amber Belnap - The Ink Spot (t-shirt printing)
Tate Denna - Deals That Matter Cause Director, Amber Jones, Tonni Hamilton - Scentsy, Jamie Robinson & Nicholette Adams (our photographers), Andy Baker, and my friends and family who were there and worked as volunteers - Bruce Allen, Karen Kelly, Kathryn Little, Linda Donaldson, and Sherri and Bert Steele.

Day of Beauty

Next, on Monday, the 16th Tiffany Lunnen, Josh's cousin, organized through the salon she works at, a Day of Beauty. The owner of the Salon, Jamie Johnson, didn't even know Lindsey but heard her story and was anxious to help. They have 15 stations in the salon and they broadcast the event through this list, FB, and word of mouth. She planned on donating 100% of all services yesterday to Lindsey and when I arrived in the afternoon the Salon was hopping. Lindsey was even able to make an appearance in the afternoon. The girls at the Salon got a picture with Lindsey and some were moved to tears. It was incredibly touching. The event was supposed to end at 7p but when I left with Lindsey the waiting room was packed and I drove by later at 8:30 and they were still going!! I know Tiffany began the day at 7:30a. Just an example of how people are willing to give. It was awesome and they raised nearly $1400 in the process and are leaving a donation jar out in the salon for the remainder of the week! I'm all about karma so the name of her Salon is Ella Bloom and is located at 146 S State in Lindon. 801-785-6777. They do it all, give them a call!

Channel 5 News Interview

So yesterday morning Carole Makita of Channel 5 news phoned me after speaking with Tiffany regarding the Day of Beauty. She had received an email and thought Lindsey's story was one that needed to be told. She phoned at 11a and the interview took place with her and Josh at 12:30 and then aired on the news at 6p. I think that is pretty amazing!! We had contacted other news stations regarding Lindsey's story and were so grateful that KSL ended up being the ones to tell the story. I'm including the link for those who missed it or want to keep viewing it (like me). Following the interview last night nearly 500 hits to the blog occurred. Sincere messages of encouragement were received and things falling into place for the next event to take place without us pursuing it. INCREDIBLE!!
Lindsey Karr is defying the odds while her family and friends are doing everything they can to help. They are rallying around her because she inspires them.


I know I sound like a broken record but the best thing we can do is to spread Lindsey's story and get people to donate. All the $ from the Celebration of Life have gone to Lindseys care and healing. Nothing has yet been applied to the medical bills. To Josh, his duty is to help Lindsey heal and that is where the $ and focus have been. The weight of the bills is something Josh still bears. The only way to ease that burden is to share and motivate. There have been over 23000 hits to the blog since the journey began last July. If each one of those people donated $2 can you imagine the good that would do?!!! I think sometimes we think that we can't contribute a large amount and so we won't contribute anything. PLEASE encourage small donations, they add up. What can I say to you to get everyone to forward this information to their email and FB networks? There is still much to be done and as the family the simplest thing we can do is to ask for your help. I'm asking and many have stepped forward, shared their talents and hearts and time. Buoyed us up when we were low and encouraged us in times of discouragement. Lindsey raises us all, let's take a minute out of our busy days and pay her back in some small way. Forward an email, share her story with our friends, ask them to donate. Look at the good that has been done by doing those simple tasks.

I know I share Lindsey's love for all of you. She has been humbled by the outpouring of work on her behalf. Let's keep up the good fight and make a difference!!