Sunday, February 20, 2011

How To Help

A lot of people have been asking how they can help. A PayPal account has been set up for donations and the link is on this blog. In addition to that, we have set up a way you can increase your giving through your contacts, friends, and family who may not know Lindsey but can help without giving money.

With Lindsey’s help, we have set up a way that we can raise money for the Karrs as well as gain access to great deals and promotions. Deals That Matter is a unique daily deals company that donates a significant percentage of it's proceeds to causes. This company is promoting Lindsey Karr's cause - Living Through Laughter.

What it is:
  • There is a different deal every day. When you find a deal you want, you buy it!
  • Deals come from local businesses. They have given Deals That Matter a great deal to promote to us! Anything from restaurants, spas, teeth whitening, laser tag and other activities, plays, concerts, laser hair removal, and so much more. There will be a deal for every taste!
  • For everyone who joins, they get $5 towards their first purchase!
How this helps Lindsey & Josh Karr:
  • When you make a purchase connected to the Living Through Laughter cause, a percentage of the proceeds goes to Living Through Laughter.
  • Deals That Matter currently directs 15% of sales proceeds to Living Through Laughter. We have a 30 Day promotion we can run where Deals That Matter will direct 100% of sales proceeds to the Karrs.
  • To make this special 30 day promotion most effective we need to get as many people connected to the Living Through Laughter cause before we launch that promotion
How to make Living Through Laughter YOUR preferred cause:
  • There is NO obligation to purchase nor will you get asked to pay anything to sign up for Deals That Matter. You only have to provide your email so you can have access to the deals.
  • There is NO financial obligation when you choose Living Through Laughter as your preferred cause. Choosing there cause merely let’s Deals That Matter know where to send the proceeds of your purchase.
  • Steps to making this your cause:
    • Click on this link - Living Through Laughter
    • Enter your email address and create a password. (Your email will only be used to send you the daily deal, no spam will ever come from this)
    • You MUST have Living Through Laughter chosen as YOUR cause in order for Lindsey to get the proceeds.
    • You will see a box on the right side of the page that says “WHY THIS MATTERS” and will show a charity. (It should be Living Through Laughter, if it isn't follow the following steps.)
    • Click “Pick a different cause.”
    • Choose Living Through Laughter from the list.
    • There will be a green button that says “Make this my cause.”
    • Living Through Laughter will now receive the proceeds from any purchase you make.
Ways you can promote Living Through Laughter:
  • Each day when you look at the DTM webpage, you will see a button on the right side of hte page under Lindsey's picture that says, PROMOTE THIS CAUSE.
  • It will take you to a page that lets you:
  • Post it on your Facebook.
  • Tweet it on Twitter
  • Email all of your friends so that they are invited to see the daily deal.
  • Post a widget for Living Through Laughter on your blog or website.
Although 15% doesn't sound like a big number, this gives everyone an opportunity to help the Karr family. Small numbers add up. As soon as Lindsey's cause list has a large group of supporters, we will start the 30 day promotion which gives 100% of the proceeds to Living Through Laughter. Through this proven model Deals That Matter has donated thousands of dollars to a variety of different charities. The amount we raise depends on us: how we promote it, and how often we buy the deals.

Please, send this information to every one you know. Please post it on your Facebook, Twitter, Email it out, and put a widget on your blog or website. If we all come together to help by getting the word out, we can all help Lindsey and Josh.

It's all about getting the word out there! Remember, there is never an obligation to purchase when you put your email into Lindsey's cause.

If you have questions please email Ryan at